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French, German, Spanish, English and European anthems

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At the Cut-off Center Jacques-BREL in VILLEBON SUR YVETTE on June 24, 2005, on the occasion of the twinning festival where many mayors from several major cities of the European community were present.

Nathalie LEONOFF has been entrusted with the lyrical responsibility of the French, German, Spanish, English and European hymns.

In front of a large audience standing from the first notes, Nathalie cappela began his repertoire by the "Marseillaise", each emblem was represented on a giant screen and "giant" were his national interpretations with among others, a Spanish public combining in his own way to Nathalie's interpretation, shouting at this hymn without words.

Nathalie with the talent that characterizes her, affirms on this song in particular her improvisation and imposes vocalises.

Each anthem has been interpreted in its own language, the audience has recognized all the emotional talent of this artist.

During the European anthem a thrill invaded Nathalie, as if a natural movement of the atmosphere "a bottom breeze" was above her.

It was simply the complicity of the audience that accompanied Nathalie humming on his words, that's what caused in his head a musical effect for a few minutes.

(She will say later, that during this interpretation she suspected for a few seconds the control of having slipped a musical CD).

The public is not mistaken during this evening, do not be afraid of words, Nathalie was revered.

Next year's organizers will no doubt find it difficult to find an unpretentious artist (with such adaptability and professionalism).

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