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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:39


Dear friends,

We are pleased to introduce Nathalie Léonoff.

Combining operatic singing and modern rhythms, Nathalie offers you sweetness in a world of brute, talent in a whirlwind of noise ... just for you ...

Check out his new album "Honey", released on April 26th.

Available for listening and downloading on the following sites:

Virgin, Deezer, amazon, fnac, i tunes, Rhapsody, e music, nokia, napster, shazam, spotify ..

As well as on mobile services (orange, sfr, vodafone, bouygues)

Find Nathalie Léonoff on her blog.


The team of Mac Audio System

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:39

Christiane PEUGEOT Cultural Center

The singer seems so fragile in her long dress. She salutes, bare arms and hair free.

She must feel the jitters, she must wonder if nothing will fail her, but she has confidence, she is both turned towards her audience and concentrated, an intense flame in her heart whispered to her that she can, that she knows, that she will give the best and that can be read in the twinkle of her eyes.

From this slender silhouette, the voice unfolds, vibrating, undulating, soft and powerful at the same time.

From this supple and laughing person emanates the generosity and candor, fervor and joy of an angel.

It is the happiness that it communicates to us, a moment when the beauty of the world is revealed again, for us alone, and at the same time to the whole universe, a breakaway, a refuge, a sharing.


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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38

Prison of Meaux

A big thank you for the warm welcome received at MEAUX.

The attention was very strong among the listeners and it made me extremely happy to sing for you!


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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38


Nathalie accomplished the feat of singing with the musicians.

Her beautiful lyrical voice was admirably tuned to Indian melodies and rhythms, and she responded with her vocabulary to her, her register, her vocalizations.

Congratulations to her!

The musicians remained admiring.


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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38

Space CARDIN "Fashion Show"

We thank Nathalie LEONOFF for her participation in the musical and artistic creation of our fashion show which took place at "Espace CARDIN" on November 15, 07.

We have given our full trust to Nathalie, who has perfectly met our artistic expectations.

Nathalie has interpreted her personal compositions.

Nathalie LEONOFF, it is: an extraordinary voice, Nathalie LEONOFF, it is: a woman of heart, Nathalie LEONOFF, it is: the concern of the perfection.

Beyond the sublime singing performance, Nathalie LEONOFF is an experience.

She takes you with her with his voice, his arms and his generous eyes, whether you like the material or not, she takes you straight and embraces you with her voice.

Nathalie is a fairy.


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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38


After having spent two beautiful cruises in your company rocked by your warm voice, you were able to bring a ray of sun surrounded by glasses.

Your concert, recital, will remain in my memory as an unforgettable moment.

Your voice reveals to us all the passion and love that you know so well transmit to all passengers.

With a big kisses.


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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38


Nathalie LEONOFF, you delighted us during your performance at the castle of Ermenonville on October 4th, we were right to trust you, talent and professionalism were at the appointment.

We thank you, and of course we will call you again ..




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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38

LYON at the "Museum of Fine Arts"


I would like to send you the compliments of my client for whom you have performed at the "Museum of Fine Arts" LYON Wednesday, September 19, 2007.

Congratulations for your kindness, your availability and the quality of your interpretation.

Looking forward to new artistic adventures.

Accept, Madam, my cordial greetings.

Artistic director.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38

The "Museum of Fairground Arts" - PARIS

We would like to renew our congratulations for the quality and excellence of your service.

K3M Productions

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 22:38

TV show

On November 13, 2000, during a casting organized by the television channel "Antenne 2" Nathalie LEONOFF was retained as a lyric singer to participate in the show "Qui est Qui". The show was hosted by the presenter Marie Ange Nardy. The purpose of this program was to recognize "who does what".

Thanks to the richness of her voice Nathalie accompanied by her pianist was able to convince the room which was concentrated under the charm of this voice of angel.

She was very surprised by her lyricism, she gave herself with all her heart and the audience was very impressed by the inner strength that emerges from the frail silhouette of Nathalie.

Let's hope that Marie Ange Nardy's prediction is realized as soon as possible "This voice, one day, will not be able to go unnoticed"...



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